Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday Card


I finally decided to use this birthday card idea I saw on inchmark.

Free Printable

I created a Word document for this. I believe the other ones I’ve seen on the web have used sticker letters.

If you decide to use my Word document, here are a few tips:

First, change the text to meet your needs and print. I printed on white cardstock.

Now cut .5 inch off the right side (so your document will be 10.5 inches long instead of 11 inches long).

Next, cut the document in half, each half will be 4.25 inches.

Then score the document every 3.5 inches.

Finally, glue or tape the strips together and add the loot.

What I Used

1 Paper doll with stickers, found these in a pack of 8 at Walmart in the party aisle.

2 hair clips, buy them or make your own.

3 scratch and sniff stickers

4 jolly rancher chews, similar to starbursts

5  pairs of stick-on earrings, I cut these out of a larger sheet that I also got from Walmart.

More Ideas of things to Use

Candy: starbursts, laffy taffy, sweetarts

Money: Coins like quarters or silver dollars, I also considered cutting a slit in card for five and sticking in a 5 dollar bill.


Sticks of Gum


Character band-aids

Hair elastics or bows


Erasers in fun shapes

What other things can you think of?


  1. Holiday theme pencils, playdoh, plastic figures (dinosaurs, animals, etc). hmm, I think I have all of this on hand but my printer won't print cardstock. But I think it would be fun to print it on scrapbook paper and just glue to a card. So cute!

  2. Hi Megan! Just wanted to come over and say thanks for the thoughtful comment on my blog. I love that kind of thing, even three years later! :) :) Juliana


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