Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday Card


I finally decided to use this birthday card idea I saw on inchmark.

Free Printable

I created a Word document for this. I believe the other ones I’ve seen on the web have used sticker letters.

If you decide to use my Word document, here are a few tips:

First, change the text to meet your needs and print. I printed on white cardstock.

Now cut .5 inch off the right side (so your document will be 10.5 inches long instead of 11 inches long).

Next, cut the document in half, each half will be 4.25 inches.

Then score the document every 3.5 inches.

Finally, glue or tape the strips together and add the loot.

What I Used

1 Paper doll with stickers, found these in a pack of 8 at Walmart in the party aisle.

2 hair clips, buy them or make your own.

3 scratch and sniff stickers

4 jolly rancher chews, similar to starbursts

5  pairs of stick-on earrings, I cut these out of a larger sheet that I also got from Walmart.

More Ideas of things to Use

Candy: starbursts, laffy taffy, sweetarts

Money: Coins like quarters or silver dollars, I also considered cutting a slit in card for five and sticking in a 5 dollar bill.


Sticks of Gum


Character band-aids

Hair elastics or bows


Erasers in fun shapes

What other things can you think of?

Cards for the Military

I'm in a card club, each month we meet and exchange cards. This month, we decided to do something different.


All cards – 108 of them – went to Operation Write Home, which sends them to deployed service men and women so that they can send beautiful cards home to their families.

I had worked with Operation Write Home once before. When I was asked to put together a short activity for a cub scout night last year, I took paper, stickers, and markers and had them make letters to thank the service men and women. Since then, Operation Write Home has added some printable coloring pages that would make this so easy!

Here are the cards that we made (mine is the shining star one):




Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Candy Sticks


These are so much fun to make! I used a regular package of M&M's and picked out the reds and the blues. Then, I topped them with these little pumpkins.


I cut the pumpkins with my Silhouette. I made them by creating 3 ovals, merging two of them. Then I stapled the merged ovals and some green ribbon to the top of the candy sticks and used a glue dot on the remaining oval to cover the staple. I’d be happy to share my file for the pumpkins, leave a comment if you are interested.

October Home Teaching Treats


The home teaching message for this month is President Monson talking about the Precious Promises of the Book of Mormon.

He specifically calls out 8 promises from the Book of Mormon. I created a file to look like the inside of a Dove Promises candy for each one. (Note: I was disappointed because the promises chocolates I bought don’t look like they used to. Here is an example of the old style.)


Then, I attached a Dove Promises chocolate to each card with a glue dot, put them all in a sandwich bag, and topped it off with an orange label.


Book of Mormon Promises Cards

The promises cards are available in pdf. I recommend printing these black and white – gold tinfoil is what I had easily available and I didn’t take the 5 minutes to turn it to grayscale.

There are 4 cards per page, 2 pages in the file.

I created these in Adobe InDesign. If you have Adobe InDesign and would like a copy of the file, I’d be happy to share. Wouldn’t these make adorable seminary handouts?

The finished cards are 4 inches by 4 inches. The cutting is a bit tricky, you are better off lining up your cutter on the edge of the picture and cutting than trying for exact measurements.

Treat Bag Topper

Treat Bag Toppers are available in word or pdf. If you just want to print, I recommend printing the pdf file because your Word and printer settings may (probably will!) make the word file print differently on your computer. I cut these by:

Cut 3/4 inch off each side (left and right)
Cut 1/4 inch off top
Cut every 2 1/2 inches from top

If that didn’t work for you and you are printing from pdf, check to make sure that your page scaling setting (in the print dialog box) is set to none.

You could staple this to the bag and be done…. Or, if you decide you must hide the staples, you can cut a piece of cardstock that is 5 inches by 7 inches. Fold in half (so you have 2 1/2 inches and 2 1/2 inches. Staple onto your bag, then put the treat bag topper front over it to cover the staples (you can use glue dots or another type of adhesive).

I printed mine on orange cardstock. You could print them on any color or you could use cute Halloween bag toppers, like these or these.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Visiting Teaching Message

The October visiting teaching message is here. The message is If We Do Not Doubt. It focuses on the need for us as women to live our covenants and draws heavily from the story of the Two Thousand Stripling Warriors. I have two handouts to go with this message.

Handout #1: Message Booklet
Available in PDF or Word

First, I put together a file that has the complete message (well, most of it, I did cut a teeny bit to make it fit). This is the cover:

Microsoft Word - Oct2011VT

I printed mine in black and white and on orange paper:


If you print the pdf file double-sided, you should be able to cut the file exactly in half and then fold each half in half again. That will give you a finished card size of 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches. These will fit in an A2 envelope, too, if you want to mail them. I’m also sharing the Word file. Printer settings can vary, so if you just want to print, the pdf file is the one to download.

Handout #2: Measuring spoons available as a Silhouette print and cut file

Sister Beck talks about the need to live our covenants with precision. I put her quote on these measuring spoons, ending with D&C 25:13


If you use these, you could always incorporate the story of the
Two Thousand Stripling Warriors as you talk. The written message is very heavy on motherhood and for some sisters, focusing more on the covenants aspect and less on the motherhood aspect might be appropriate.

Here is the Silhouette print and cut file. Note: You will need the Silhouette software to open this file.

I did find a fun punch art tutorial for making measuring spoons. If you like this idea, but don’t have a Silhouette machine, you might take a look at this.


One other idea I had for precision was this tape measure card. I didn’t create a file to go with the message, but if someone is feeling creative, I think it could make a cute lesson enhancer for this month! If you do, I’d love to see how it turns out!


I have a fun home teaching treat/lesson enhancer this month, too, so be sure to check back for that. I hope to have it posted by the end of the week.