Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tart Shells

Hafner Tart Shells, Sweet, 240-Count Box

My sister lives in Canada and can get the most amazing prebaked tart shells. Today, I was really wanting some. I want to make this amazing Summer Berry Pie in them.

So, I got online and found that there are some places that sell (and ship) prebaked tart shells. I made a list, compared prices, and finally decided to go with these ones from Amazon.

I wanted to save this list, though, in case I’m not happy with the Amazon ones (some of the reviewers complained about broken shells).

Pidy Tart Shells (Maryland)

192 in a case, $76 (40 cents each) [1.75 inches, height ½ inch]

Shipping: $9.50 regardless of how many you order

Clearbrook Farms (Ohio)

384 for 114.95 (30 cents each) or 48 for 22.95 (48 cents each) [1.75 inch]

192 for 114.95 (60 cents each) or 24 for 22.95 (96 cents each) [3.15 inch]

Free shipping on all orders within continental U.S.

Gourmet Foodworld (Florida)

310 for $94 (30 cents each) [1.75 inch]

210 for $120.25 (57 cents each) [2.5 inch]

Shipping $14

Hafner Tart Shells, 240 for $53.55 (22 cents each) [1.75 inch]

eligible for free shipping