Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Mail

My daughters love getting mail! They have grandmas that send them holiday cards and we put them up on the door so we can enjoy them. Here is our door for Easter. I had to go collect some of the cards for this picture, my 2-year-old likes to "read" them to her baby sister.

Occasionally we send pictures my 2-year-old has drawn to her grandparents. Or we'll send mini photo albums. My favorite, though, is to send photo holiday cards. Here is the one we sent for Valentine's Day. When I go visit my grandpa, he has a bulletin board with all of the photo cards we have ever sent him on it.

I came across Givers Log online and was intrigued by her Happy Mail. She mails things like frisbees, water bottles, and plastic easter eggs by putting a stamp/address labels directly on them and dropping them in the mail. How fun would it be to open your mailbox and find a plastic shovel or a box of candy?

I'm going to have to have fun mailing things! Too bad I came across the plastic Easter egg idea too late for Easter this year. That would have been fun to send to my nieces/nephews, the ladies I visit teach, and my brother-in-law whose birthday was actually on Easter this year.

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