Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Wrap Up

Easter is over, but here are a few highlights of things we did or saw online. Some things I'm going to do with our leftover plastic eggs -- last year we played with plastic Easter eggs until August -- and some things I want to remember for next year.

Look at these amazing Easter Eggs from Our Best Bites. All you need is an old silk tie.

Adorable handmade cards from Magenta.

You've Been Egged
Egg a friend or neighbor's house next year before Easter. Our house was egged this year. I particularly like the pinwheels, the playdough (just randomly scattered on the lawn with the plastic eggs), and that the eggs were mostly filled with things other than candy. You can get this free printable "You've Been Egged" sign from from eighteen25.

Check out these educational games from Playing House.
While you are there, check out her thumbprint Easter kids crafts.

Plastic Egg Tea Cups
Recycle your leftover plastic eggs into these adorable teacups from The Moody Fashionista.

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