Friday, January 28, 2011

Meal Ideas

I am always looking for good ideas for taking a meal to someone. AnnaJune has been in and out of the hospital this past week with her baby who had RSV (so scary! but he's starting to do better!). She shared some things she appreciated about meals brought into her family:

*One person brought us a basket of fruit with dinner. So great! It was something we could eat that night or leave for another day.

*One person brought in a casserole and also included little cups of applesauce and microwave popcorn. That ought to get the pickiest eaters, right?

*One person brought dinner in Tupperware. It was hot and ready to eat, but clean up was a breeze: just put the lids back on and stick it in the fridge. She also said she didn't want the containers back, so there was no need to worry about getting dishes back to someone.

If you have any tips to share, I'd love to hear them! Leave a comment or email me.

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