Friday, February 19, 2010

Hospital Gowns

Don't you hate hospital gowns? Tissue-thin, faded fabric and way too many places for breezes to blow through...What if you could make a custom gown with cute fabric? I just found an online pattern for hospital gowns. There is an adult-size and a child-size pattern. What a fun way to bring cheer and comfort to anyone that will be spending an extended time in the hospital. These patterns were originally designed with cancer patients in mind.

Of course, if sewing isn't your thing you could also buy one already made. Google "hospital gown" or check out the maternity gowns here.

I think I'll make one for myself for my upcoming labor and delivery!


  1. That's a great idea! I found some old nightgowns at a thrift store when I was pregnant with Lilly that I thought would be good for the hospital because I could nurse with them, but I didn't try them on and when I got home I realized they were a bit on the short side. I ended up having her in a nightgown my mom made that Heather loaned me. (She had Christian in it.) It was a good thing I had it too because during birthing I was lactating like crazy and the whole front of my gown was soaked. Luckily it was a dark colored print so no one could tell but me. :} That didn't happen the second time around though.
    Anyway, with Kate I once again bought some used nightgowns that zip in the front, they were long enough but they were both really hot and I wished during my second birthing that what I was wearing was cotton instead of velor. :P It was so nice to step out of it and into the pool for my water birth. :}

  2. Hi there! Great idea! When are you due? Congrats on your upcoming arrival! :) We just think your blog is awesome, such a great resource for others who want to help, but don't know how. Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

    -Lisa (co-founder of

  3. Thanks, Lisa & Julie! I had my baby on May 9.


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